Mondays are for Miracles

Our Monday Miracle Child is…



When Jake was 14 years old he was struck by a drunk driver and dragged 186 feet down a highway. His injuries were so severe he had to be airlifted to UF Health Jacksonville and was rushed into surgery before being transferred to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. Jake suffered from a collapsed lung, five cracked ribs, three facial fractures, a bruised kidney and lung, a dislocated/fractured shoulder, ruptured muscles in the shoulder, three blood clots on his brain, brain swelling, acute respiratory distress syndrome, road rash over most of his body, a hole in the back of his head and two missing teeth. Also, he was later diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. During his hospital stay, he had two complete blood transfusions and received more than 100 staples and stitches in his head and abdomen. After two months, Jake was released from UF Health Jacksonville and brought to Brooks Rehab where he relearned how to feed himself and get dressed with little assistance. He was finally able to start walking again after several months of out-patient therapy. Jake demonstrated a fighting spirit and strong will to survive despite being given a five percent chance to live the night he was hit. He is a true miracle! Today, Jake is training to participate in 5ks and would eventually like to run a marathon.


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